About Us

Founded in October 2018, VedMed is an Indian Pharmaceutical company located in the heart of India.

It is our ethical and moral imperative to provide affordable healthcare through experienced leadership, innovative approaches and outstanding customer service. Our generic formulations business addresses this challenge by offering high quality generic versions of expensive medications at competative cost. Our generic formulations include tablets, capsules, suspensions and injectables across the major therapeutic areas of gastrointestinal ailments (Raboved-DSR, Pantoved-40), Anti-inflammatory (FEAmovED-SP), Anti-Infective (Vedmox-CV 625, Zoved 250/500, Vedflox-07) and Respiratory ailments (Montived) along with several crucial health supplements (Vedsurg, Clomed-D3, Vedcal, Feroved).

With 26 formulations already within the market with the first year and a few more in the pipeline, we are a small company with a large footprint.


Try out our suppliment & enjoy the healthiest life.